Monday, December 7, 2009

About my family and where I live

In total there are seven members in my family (including myself). There’s my father, mother, three sisters, one brother and me.

As far as where I live, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m presently located in Riyadh, the capitol of Saudi Arabia. Being the largest city in Saudi, it has a population of about 5 million and covers a distance close to 1500 sq. km. It is situated in the desert which causes for very hot summers (up towards 50 degrees Celsius) and cold winters. Dust storms are also very common. Again, I’m still new here, so I don’t really know all what the city has to offer. So far though, I know most major shop and restaurant chain are widespread.

You can find a picture of Riyadh in my photo diary (previous post), but here’s a map which shows where it is in relation to Saudi.


  1. I've heard about the dust storms and seen some scary pictures.
    Sounds a bit too hot for me, last year was 45 ° for a few days in southern Italy and I could hardly breathe but I guess Riyadh has A/C and is organized for the desert heat!

  2. Yes, I don't think there's a place in Saudi Arabia where you can't find air conditioning. Now if only someone could figure out how to have A/C outside...