Monday, December 7, 2009

About my work and hobbies

Presently, I am working as an EFL Instructor. My students are primarily beginners and their native language is Arabic. Although my degree isn’t in English/Education/Linguistics, I feel I have a natural ability to teach as I have a lot of patience with a generally dynamic skill set. It is my personal aim now however to incorporate technology into my lessons in effort to gauge student interest. I am presently taking a course in teaching languages with ICT to help in this effort.

Aside from teaching, in my spare time, I enjoy playing and watching sports like football (both American and European) and basketball. I also like reading (esp. things related to Educational Technology these days), watching films, improving my Arabic and trying almost anything new and adventurous. Some of the activities I would like to endeavor soon include scuba diving, rock climbing, skydiving and camping in the desert.

Here is a picture of me riding a 4-wheeler for the first time last year while I was in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.


  1. Hey Mohammed, these 4-wheelers are lots of fun, aren't them. I use to drive them when I lived in the northeast of Brazil where there are tones of sand dunes at the beaches. Did you get coated with sand like deep fried food? I use to and then dive in the ocean to clear it out. Just awesome!

  2. Hi Mohammed,
    can I say that I envy you? What's a beautiful experience!I'm wondering about why you want endeavor sports like these...what's about something easy?

  3. Where's your crash helmet Mohammed? Or is the desert a lawless place?

  4. Sandra - yes, it was an awesome experience. However, I was pretty banged up afterwards from attempting to do so jumps.

    Carmen - to be honest, I don't think what I've mentioned is really all that daring. Some of these activities are the norm for many people.

    Julia - sorry, no crash helmets here. I know it's risky, but that's just how it is. As for being a lawless place, very few follow the laws of the city so you imagine what it's like in the desert.