Friday, April 8, 2011

Technology Exploratorium

I also presented my Technology Exploratorium (TE) topic this past week. The TE was a chance for each student to learn about a new instructional technology and present it to the class (reminds of “show and tell” as a kid).

The following is a detailed description of the (two part) assignment:

a) Presentation: Over the course of the semester, each student will be asked to lead a 10-minute presentation on a technology of their choosing. Your presentation should aim to familiarize us with the particular technology, its features, and capabilities, and provide examples of how the technology might be useful in a formal or informal instructional setting. You may wish to include a discussion of the technology within the context of relevant course topics and themes.

b) Wiki Posting: In addition to the presentation, you will post a brief (200 word max) summary of your presentation, your slides, and a link to the technology resource on the Technology Exploratorium wiki. This is due the day of your scheduled presentation.

The tool I chose to explore was called GoAnimate ( It’s a free online tool for easy animation creation. I must admit, it was fun learning about GoAnimate and it really wasn't that hard to use. I just I wish I had more time to play with it. I know the use cases in ESL are endless, but I think it can easily be adapted for use in many other subjects as well (e.g. Language Arts, Social Studies, etc.).

You can see my presentation and wiki posting here: TE - GoAnimate (

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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