Friday, April 29, 2011

Digital Storytelling Project

Well, we’ve finally completed our digital storytelling projects this past week.

The following is a brief description of the assignment:

Digital storytelling incorporates audio, video, and still images as a form of multimedia writing – to tell a story. For this project, you will create a digital story on an instructional topic. Specific guide and tutorials regarding this project will be provided in class.

I know the instructions say our story should be “on an instructional topic”, but this was later amended to include a personal story as well. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I focused on my first experience working abroad an English instructor.

Well, I must say, this project was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be. Well, maybe not hard so much so as time consuming. I think what probably took the most time was recording my story and mixing in the background music (both done using Audacity). Finding the right images also took a bit of time as well. We compiled our stories using Windows Movie Maker and luckily, it didn’t give me too much of a headache. The only downside to the software is that it’s kind of limited in features, but perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to use. Anyway, yet again, another invaluable experience to have. I now hold creators of digital stories in much higher esteem.

You can view my final compilation here: Hostage Crisis - (
My final storyboard and list of resources can be found here: Hostage Crisis (Storyboard & Resources) – (

As usual, would love to hear any comments/feedback anyone would like to share.

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